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The 20th Century Vietnam Anthology by a Vietnam Combat Vet --and-- Nigerian 419 Scam: GAME OVER!
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The 20th Century (Vietnam)Anthology

ISBN: 1-877858-41-2


Distributed Throughout the United States and the World By:

American Focus Publishing/UII

Post Office Box 663

South Plainfield, NJ 07080-0663



The 20th Century Anthology is a collection of five novels (Permission to Kill, Back in the World, Permission to Live, Heaven on Earth, and Shindara) also including the amazing video documentary Thunderhawks, which visually presents and depicts actual combat film footage graphically described in Permission to Kill, shot on-location by the author, Brian Wizard and friends in Viet Nam in 1969.....


...and a delightful music CD of original tunes sung by Brian himself, who doesnt claim to be a great singer, but offers listeners thought-provoking and his own brand of self-styled musical arrangements, while he sings for his supper.


This unique and courageous boxed set of 5 books, 1 VHS Video and 1 Music CD ... the sum of Brian Wizard's Twentieth Century literary accomplishments, is accompanied by a Signed and Numbered Certificate of Authenticity, making the Anthology the perfect Vietnam awareness gift, a Must Read collection for every Vietnam vet, and a Collector's Item!  



Brian is a 1968-1969 Vietnam-era combat veteran and a turn-of-the-century, turn-of-the-millennium author who lives the dream and ascribes to the reality that timing is everything.


Three of his five novels, and the video that comprise Brians 20th Century Anthology...
 ...are focused on the story of a young man, Willie Maykett, who, 1967,  enlisted in the U.S. Army and was stationed in Vietnam, from 1968 to 1969, assigned to the 145th Combat Aviation Battalion.
The story initially unfolds and introduces Willie Maykett and follows him and takes readers on a vivid, historic and personal journey into his military combat career and throughout his very long one-year tour of duty in Vietnam, serving as a door gunner for the Thunderhawk Assault Helicopter Company.
This life journey finally leads to his reintegration into the harsh and grim realities of civilian life back in the United States of America. The Will He Make It? saga is the central plot of 20th Century Anthology collection of volumes.





Former Vietnam veterans, veterans of all wars, Veterans Administration personnel, veterans associations, mental health professionals, parents, educators and readers of all ages are invited to virtually join The Thunderhawk Flight: ten "slick" troop-carrying helicopters, four gun-ships, a Command and Control helicopter and one company smoke ship called Pollution IV, deliver ground troops to suspected enemy locations throughout the Third Corps of South Vietnam.


Readers can further join Willie Maykett and the crew of the Pollution IV as they define the frontline of the Vietnam war from one step beyond, living second-to-second, and second to none, based on  Brian's first-hand and first-person experience as a permanent crew member of the lone wolf, "suicide" smoke ship, Pollution IV.


If you, the reader of this Anthology, can survive the ride on the Pollution IV, in the first Anthology volume, PERMISSION TO KILL, you are again invited to join Willie Maykett when he unknowingly brings the war home in the two sequels to this book, BACK IN THE WORLD and PERMISSION TO LIVE.

In BACK IN THE WORLD, the second book in the Anthology and a key part of the Will He Make It? saga, the following question is posed:

"If you take the combat-stressed warrior out of the war, will he make it through the residual effects of having to kill to stay alive, without debriefing, retraining and psychological, as well as emotional rehabilitation?

Although Willie Maykett was never physically wounded, his heart and mind took a direct hit. Join him as the war continues on a different battleground, America.


Join Willie Maykett in the third book of the ongoing Will He Make It? saga: 
The question is posed: Is it possible to turn all the negative energy around and enjoy a happy and positive conclusion?

PERMISSION TO LIVE completes the Will He Make It? saga for the 20th Century Anthology. Keep your bookmarks open for what the 21st Century has in store for Willie as he continues his quest for justice and some degree of personal happiness.


The last two books of the 20th Century Anthology are thought-provoking fiction works that will expand the reader's mind to new and enchanting worlds.


HEAVEN ON EARTH is a fast-moving account of the Daughter of God's escape from Heaven in search of true love.


Glory, the Princess of Love, merges with Ann, a truly different-in-her-own-way California girl.


They become known as Glory Ann, and together they share a hell-raising experience of life in the material plane.


After reading this story you won't be able to say, "The devil made me do it", ever again!




To complete the 20th Century Anthology series is SHINDARA, a dolphin's tale, set on the coast of Australia, where the Shindara location serves as the home waters for a community of bottle-nosed dolphins, who are hosting this years Harmony Festival.


This book was written for readers of all ages, with a premier target audience of the 14-year-old within us all.


Youll join in the battle against the king of sharks and his pack of marauding scavengers, along with Hap and his girlfin Shelly, as they learn that anything is possible with turtle magic!


Join them for some high-spirited adventure, from the dolphin's point of view. 


The unique text and story is perfect for any young-at-heart reader and is also appropriate for the youngster who resides in all of us.


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